If you want to Install BOSS, below are the various versions of BOSS. In case of problems, Get Help.

Download BOSS

Download EduBOSS

BOSS GNU/Linux distribution developed by C-DAC.BOSS GNU/Linux Version 5.0 codenamed as Anokha is coupled with GNOME Desktop Environment 3.4 version with wide Indian language support & packages, relevant for use in the Government domain. This release aims more at enhancing the user interface with more glossy themes and is coupled with latest applications from the community. BOSS Linux 5.0 comes with the latest Kernel 3.10 and also supports Intel 32 bit & 64 bit architectures. Click here to download the User_Manual

EduBOSS, an educational variant of BOSS GNU/Linux is a full-featured,
user-friendly Linux operating system and has educational applications that are useful for schools (primary and higher levels). EduBoss-3.0 features graphical installer, office application suite, onscreen keyboard, Smart Common Input Method, web browser, educational games, paint & graphic tools, typing tutor, screen reader, text to speech application and a host of tools and packages for learning as well as for teaching.

Download BOSS Server

Download NetBOSS

BOSS Advanced server supports Intel and AMD x86/x86-64 architecture.BOSS GNU/Linux advanced server has unique features such as Web server, proxy server, Database server, Mail server, Network server, File and Print server, SMS server, LDAP server. BOSS GNU/Linux advanced server is comprised with administration tool such as webmin,Gadmin,PHP myadmin,PHP LDAP admin,PG admin.

NetBOSS is optimised to run on a new category of affordable Internet-centric devices called netbooks with the Intel Atom processor designed primarily for government organizations, entertainment industry and individuals.NetBOSS is a GNU/Linux distribution, developed by C-DAC, to provide a complete usable Operating System consisting of GUIs and console applications for routine tasks and additional utilities which are useful for one using netbook.


Try BOSS without Installing it and Explore it Application,click on BOSS Live steps to show how to run BOSS Live.BOSS Live DVD is a a bootable computer operating system. BOSS CDs are unique in that they have the ability to run a complete, modern operating system on a computer lacking mutable secondary storage, such as a hard disk drive.


Step 1

Insert the BOSS DVD into your DVD drive and boot from DVD by changing the boot order in your BIOS boot order (BIOS boot configuration editor is opened by pressing DELETE key or F12 while booting)

Step 2

After a few seconds, the following screen will be displayed. Click on “Start BOSS Live”.

Step 3

After fully loading you will see the following screen. Now, you can test all the features of the BOSS operating system.

Step 4

Try opening some applications.

Explore BOSS Packages and Source

To explore BOSS packages and to customize applications according to your needs, get the source from
To get the source from BOSS Repository follow the below steps

Step 1:

First add Repository link to your existing sources.list
   sudo echo "deb savir main contrib non-free" >> /etc/apt/sources.list
   sudo echo "deb-src savir main contrib non-free" >> /etc/apt/sources.list
and run
   apt-get update,
This command download the packages list from BOSS Repository.

Step 2:

To download the source either you can save the file directly by clicking on it or you can type the following command,
   apt-get source (Package Name)
This command will download the Sources of the Package Name that you have specified with it.

Step 3:

To install the Packages from BOSS Repository just type the following command
   apt-get install (Package Name)
This will install the package you have provided.

Building packages in BOSS follows the same procedure as that of building packages in DEBIAN ,you can Develop your own flavor of BOSS by customizing Packages. Here are the guides to build packages

The BOSS Bharat Operating System SolutionsisDistributed under the GNU GPL license.
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